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for all those dedicated to theatrical performance

onstage, backstage, in production design or in the audience

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1.      The Home Page – Using Member “Joe Blow” as an example.


2.     Logging in

Your profile is protected by your unique email address and a password. If you change the email address that you used when your profile was first established on the membership system, you will not be able to login. The email address you use to login must match the email address used in your current profile.

 a.      If you are unable to login in order to change your email address, send an email to

 b.       If you have forgotten your password, click the “Change password” link which is located just to the right of your name.

3.     Viewing/Editing Your Profile

        a.       Your profile contains your membership level and renewal date information as well as space for you to insert Biographical

                 information and a Photo Album.

         b.      When you click “Edit” you will see that you can change your membership level. This will result in a new invoice being created, so

                  you may want to send an email to about what you’d like to do before doing it online.

          c.      You can also renew your membership at any time to the next renewal date by clicking the button which now reads “RENEW

                 UNTIL 01 JUL 2018.”

4.   Viewing/Editing Your Profile (Cont.)

You can edit all the other information in your profile to assist in networking.

                a. “Group participation” includes categories related to theatrical production. Currently, these include the following:

                Actors, Costumers, Directors, Makeup/Hair artists, Music Directors, Playwrights, Production Designers (Tech),

                Publicity/Marketing, Stage Manager, and Volunteers.

There are also special fields that relate to Organizational members: Performance Company, Venue, and Liaison/Liaison Backup.

                    a.      Bio is currently set to be viewed by the public.

                   b.      “Personal Information” is currently set to be viewed only by other ATG members.

Special Requests

                        The fields in your profile can be selected to display in the Directory (See #7 below) when someone clicks on the name from the

                Directory list.

Right now only name and membership level are displayed in the membership list, but other fields can be displayed, such as Location or Group Participation (Actor, Director, etc.) as well as a Picture.

5.     Photo Album

You can create a Photo Album for yourself to go with your Bio.

6.     Privacy

The membership system allows you to control who sees information contained in your Profile.

The Globe symbol in the “Anybody” column means that section of your profile can be viewed by the public.

The people symbol in the “Members” column means only Members can view that information.

“No access” data means no on but you can view that information.

You can edit this information by clicking the “Edit” button.

 6.     Subscriptions

All profiles are set to receive all Event Announcements and Email Blasts. Please don’t change these settings unless you wish to drop out of communication with ATG altogether.

 7.     Using the Directory

To find who is what – an actor, director, etc. – click “Advanced Search”

Advanced Search gives you the opportunity to search members by any of the fields below. You can find who is listed as an actor by clicking the Actors check box and the clicking the black “Search” button at the bottom of the page.. 





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